VIDEO: Taste of Reality with VSTEP Simulators

Ever wondered how pilots of the modern age are trained? In the latest Navingo video, we give you a taste of how these things work in practice. Namely, our colleagues visited the Nautical College in Den Helder, the Maritime Training School ROC Kop van Noord-Holland, that bought a full simulator center from VSTEP. They spoke with teachers and students about a wide scope of possibilities the simulator provides.

Given the fact that the college offers a combination of theoretical and practical education, the students need to be able to operate the ship systems, according to Arnold Boon, professor of navigation at the Nautical College. With the simulators, the students are given the opportunity to learn, practice and perfect their ship and boat handling skills through training courses.

Virtually, students can find themselves inside modern ships’ engine room resolving problems that occur through accurate simulations.

Image Courtesy: VSTEP
Image Courtesy: VSTEP
As shown in the video, it is possible to simulate different environments all around the world such as performing a tow in New York or navigating through rough weather with different types of vessels.

Student maritime officer at the Nautical College, Vincent Van Montfoort, commented that the system is still new for the teachers and that they are testing it and creating the manual.

The Nautical College has now 10 modern simulators, including the 6 new ones.

Check it out for yourself!

World Maritime News Staff