Satellite Antenna: Intellian v100Ka – Maritime Broadband on THOR 7

Intellian v100 Ka is a 1m Ku-band maritime stabilised antenna, a ready-to-use system for Ka-band service.

The v100 offers a robust, affordable, plug and play conversion kit to enable a smooth upgrade path from Ku to Ka service in as little as 10 minutes without requiring a factory trained technician. With the improved Ku-band RF performance from the v110, the Ka-band RF performance of the v100 is optimized for Ka-band service at the same time.

The v100’s high-gain, highly efficient reflector and tuned radome ensure the best service quality available when configured for Ku or Ka-band operation. In addition, the v100 supports low elevation angle (-20°) capability to quarantee reliable connection at extremely high latitude.

The v100’s seamless end-to-end solution is to offer hassle-free installation, operation, and maintenance. The v100 provides a newly developed, graphic-based antenna remote control program with an additional Software Development Kit (SDK), allowing the NOC or service center to integrate antenna monitoring and control into its existing network management systems in a easier, user-friendly, and convenient manner.

The v100 is avaliable in 3 models that support 4W, 8W, and 16W BUC sizes. All models are built with Co-pol and Cross-pol feed and come equipped with Intellian’s Global PLL LNB as standard.

Technical Data

Antenna Dimensions: 151cm x Ø138cm
Antenna Weight: 128kg
Below Deck Unit Dimensions: x 38cm x 4.4cm
Below Deck Unit Weight: 3.5kg
Reflector Size: Ø103cm
External Antenna: yes
Input Voltage: 100 to 240V AC
VSAT – Antenna
Antenna Type, Pedestal: 3 axis: azimuth, elevation, cross-level
Transmit Gain: 47.7 dBi @ 29.5GHz (with Radome)
Receive Gain: 43.7 dBi @ 19.7GHz (with Radome)
System G/T: >20 dB/K (min.)
BUC Output Power: 5W
Polarisation: Circular, Tx:RHCP / Rx:LHCP
Elevation Range: -20° to +115°
VSAT – Modem
Modem Interface: Ethernet port, RS-232C, I/O ports
BUC Interface: RS-232, RS-422


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