Public Address System Main Unit – HANSHIN HPA-9700 Series

Public_Address_System_Main_Unit_HANSHIN HPA-9700_Series_marineelectronic.euPublic Address HPA-9700 Series with Talk Back system is designed for general announcing with advanced technology, and complies with the IMO Regulation Ⅲ/6.5 & Res. MSC.47(66) performance standard.
The system is also specially made to keep good performance under the bad environment of vessel at sea.

For this system, paging function through auto telephone exchanger and talk back function are available, and also interface to the external general emergency alarm, fire alarm, air horn, signal light column and Bridge watch alarm are available.

Registered in a patent for uninterrupted dual public address system by the Korean intellectual Property Office on 2003. 10. 10(Patent No.0402958)


System Configuration and Specification
1 System Description
H P A – 9 7 X X – D A

A: AC 110V/220V & AC110V/220V

D: AC110V/220V & DC24V

D: Double Rack type Dual P/A system

C: Single Rack type Dual P/A system
(Master & Slave Type)
S: Single Rack type Dual P/A system
(Two AMP Run Type)
N:Single Rack Type Single P/A system

00: 35V/ 200W
01: 35V/ 400W
02: 35V/ 600W
03: 35V/ 800W
04: 35V/ 1200W
05: 35V/ 1600W
06: 35V/ 2000W
07: 35V/ 2400W
08: 35V/ 3200W
09: 35V/ 4000W

20: 100V/ 200W
21: 100V/ 400W
22: 100V/ 600W
23: 100V/ 800W
24: 100V/ 1200W
25: 100V/ 1600W
26: 100V/ 2000W
27: 100V/ 2400W
28: 100V/ 3200W
29: 100V/ 4000W