Network Installation and Management

Radiohellenics SA Network Installation & Administration act as an internal employee. We graphically depict today’s telecommunications and information infrastructure of your business, and at any time, with remote management, we can add or remove users and their rights, or solve 90% of the problems that will be occurred.

With Radiohellenics SA network management services, you have a single person who thoroughly understands all the technical details about your business, hardware, software, cable infrastructure, telephone connections, jobs, printers and multi-function devices. This saves valuable time and money for any change, conversion or upgrading you want to make in the future. You know the capabilities of your network at any time, as well as any needs for upgrading. At the same time, our engineer informs you about possible maintenance that may be needed or changes to damaged systems so that your business is constantly in operation.

Why do I need this service?

We have discovered that our customers are saving enough money and time by giving us the opportunity to notify them of potential damage or defective systems & programs. Instead of running on the PC or the printer in service and losing time and reliability, we know beforehand what problem will arise and we are ready to deal with it. Also, with our network management service, we deploy more than 90% of your employees’ problems at a distance, so that you do not waste time on the business. The very fast response that saves money and transmits security to both business and employees. At the same time, our experience in dealing with complex situations is a guarantee for the right solution we will propose.

Radiohellenics SA engineers provide everyday solutions, helping companies to keep their operations, economy and productivity uninterrupted.


For more information you may contact us and speak with our technical representative.