Mobile Apps

It is very important to give value and attention to your clients’ constant needs. As you deal with it, the more they will want to remain customers of your business.

It is true that advertising costs much for finding new customers are often prohibitive. Stand out from your competitors’ usual marketing moves by offering your customers the unique application of your business and see the increased response to your offers.¬†Our Solution?

Keep in touch:

We put more emphasis on existing customers of your business. Inform them directly about your new offers available or your news via notifications.
Mobile Application Development on Android and iPhone.

Basic features:

  • Phone call with 1 click
  • Form Newsletter
  • Communicate directly with your customers through Push notification
  • Information such as menus, price lists, communication, image collection,
  • Reviews and customer reviews.


Specialised features:

-Online orders
-GPS customer navigation at your store
-Offers and coupon redeemable via gps and qrcode
-Loyalty Programs Loyalty Programs Music / audio and video services
-Schedule events/meetings/appointments
Along with any application, you also have:

– Ready mobile marketing solution (push notification, mobile ads, etc.)
– Handy and very user-friendly content management system
– Ready program rewards management platform.

5 reasons why your business needs a Mobile app.

1. Make you see FOLLOW
Statistics say that 80% of mobile users spend at least 2 hours on apps.
Even if you are looking for other applications, the user will constantly come into contact with your application. People unconsciously store any messages, or images they come into contact with everyday. Imagine as they scrutinize on their mobile, seeing the attractive app icon every day. The giant companies pay millions of euros to pass unconscious messages into their ads even if it’s a silent process.
Now, you and your mobile app will be able to engrave in your customers’ consciousness without spending so much money.

2. Communication is easier and faster than ever
With just one click, your app opens! Instead, opening your website from the mobile is much more time-consuming as the customer needs to open the browser, type the url of your page and wait for your website to load.
Additionally scrolling to apps is much easier than browsers.

3. Push notification: A new supermarket in your hands
Push notification: A new way of communicating with your customers.
This technology sends any message you want free of charge, instantly and quickly to all your customers, without them having to do anything. It is not annoying like sms that interrupt the user from his job but he stays firmly on the top bar of the mobile until the user sees it and closes it !!
Push notification is the most powerful and effective call to action action!
Take the initiative and motivate them to take immediate action!
Examples of use:
Important reminders:
For a restaurant: Remind them that only this evening will be your discount / offer. There are only 2 free tables remaining. Do not miss the opportunity and book now !!
For travel agency: Reminded that there are only 3 vacancies left for the current trip. Close immediately and get a discount of X%
Immediate and timely update of delays / changes:
You have a presentation / webinar / seminar and the speaker, for some reason will be delayed; It can immediately and promptly inform all team members about the change in the program.

The options are unlimited and can be tailored to the needs of each business.

4. Win the competition as long as there is still time
We do not know how long yet, but in Greece, very few companies have a mobile app. Even large app companies are measured on the fingers.
Do not waste any time, but make this lack work for you! Be the first one in your area with a mobile app!
You will gain important ground over others and the prestige and readability will be launched to another level!

Nice all this, but how much does a mobile app cost?

The cost of a mobile app as well as the lack of knowledge on how to use and support it are the reasons most businesses today do not have a mobile app!

But we found the solution to this problem. We have developed a new, modern application development platform with automated processes and we offer you this way high quality applications!!