Management and Installation of Servers & NAS


Radiohellenics SA engineers’ solutions for the installation and the right use of your Server are completely reliable and reliable. With the goal of delivering uninterrupted data to your network, with the utmost speed and security, we ensure the daily flow of your work. Managing a central server offers many advantages to a business regardless of the volume or number of employees such as:




Install and manage Microsoft or Linux server – Virtual or Physical.

Central access of data
Restrictions and user rights
Sharing files and printers
Faster and most effective back up
Network-attached storage (NAS)

NAS is an array of network drives that connect to your network to centrally access your data, that is, act as a file server. The NAS runs on 2 and more disks in RAID Mirroring, a feature to prevent data loss by writing the same data across all drives so that if a disc gets damaged, the data is safe for others.

NAS also have an internal operating system for installing and managing user rights, almost like a server.

They also have Cloud Backup, FTP and DDNS services to access your data over the Internet and from outside of your local network.

Their advantage is that they are much more cost-effective than a server and much easier to install.


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