Data Security and Retrieval

Its well known what it needs to back up our business data. We know that at any given time, the world’s best computer can be damaged by any electrical malfunction, sticking to a virus or making a mistake in its operating system. In reality, however, few people, even though have this knowledge, keep daily copies of our data, bases and emails.

Radiohellenic’s SA engineers create for you automated cloud backup solutions. With cloud backup, completely automatically and without the slightest interference from you, you receive daily backups of your system, whether you are at home or in the company. In this way, we secure your valuable data and at the same time make it easy and especially inexpensive to recover, since all you have to do is a simple download.

At the same time, we have a dedicated disaster recovery department where we can recover data from compatible or SSD compatible drives, burnt, even completely damaged (under conditions). With Radiohellenic’s SA your business and your data will be safe!