Fishery Sonars – Suzuki S-1900 Sonar

S-1900 sonar using the DSP TECHNOLOGY, brings about outstanding performance in 16 colors, 1024×768 pixels,High image quality and low power consumption LCD with LED backlight system,80KHZ,140KHZ,180KHZ FREQUENCY,SPACE SAVING INSTALLATION!

Suzuki S-1900 M15 by Marine Electronics SA .


– Optional display
– 80, 140 and 180 kHz frequency
– Search light or sector scan
– Designed to fit in small to mid-sized fishing vessels
– DSP technology

Model Name S-1800 H180 H 80 H 140
Power Supply DC 20-30 V 20-30 V
Power consuption 110 W
Display Optional
Weight on hull unit 44 kg 50.5 kg
Weight on control unit 7 kg 10 kg
Sonar type Searchlight sonar Sector scanning/searchlight sonar
Soundome stroke 200-400 mm
Stroke period 10 sec (400 mm stroke 24 V)
Raise and lower Automatically related to power ON/OFF
Range 20-2000 m 40-2000 m
Power output 1.2 kW 1.2 kW 2.2 kW 2.2 kW
Tilt angle +/- 5° to – 90° at 1° step
Display mode Sonar mode, off-center mode, bottom scan mode, sounder mode, split screen, historical display/compressed display, historical display/a-scope, NAV display
Screen notation Range, range scale, tilt, tilt diagram, sector angle, bearing center angle, ring marker, interference reduction, navigation data, cross cursor, compass display, seed, LAT/LON data, gain/TVG graph, colour scale, water temperature,
scanning image, position of vessel, VRM, depth
External input (Option): NMEA 0183, remote controller and trigger signal
External output (Option): LAT/LON of target, VGA and trigger signal
Service Available in most major harbours, world-wide through extensive dealer network

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