Digital Marine Clock – HANSHIN HGC-100

HGC-100 Digital Marine Clock System guarantees high reliability and accuracy due to using satellite signal data interfaced with GPS/DGPS navigator. According to customer’s request, various digital and analog type slave clocks are available. The system also provides time signal for engine telegraph logger and various output signals including NMEA0183 with RS422 signal. The digital master clock shows UTC(GMT) and LT(local time) at same time. The local time can be adjusted automatically or manually in accordance with ship’s position.


1) System Configuration : Analog & Digital Slave Clock (max. 100ea)
2) Accuracy : Within ±0.15 sec per day
3) Operating Temperature Range : -25℃ ~ 70℃
4) Output Signal
– $GPZDA sentence, $GPHAN sentence(maker format)
– 0.5 sec polarized pulse for 3 hands slave clock DC24V
– 30 sec polarized pulse for 2 hands slave clock DC24V
5) Power Supply : AC110V/220V & DC24V Auto Changeover
6) Power Consumption : max. 200VA
7) External Dimension
– Wall Type : 350(W) x 280(H) x 110(D)
– Flush Type : 410(W) x 340(H) x 110(D)
– Weight : approx. 8kg
8) Finished : munsel 4.3PB 3.3/2.0