A color net-recorder, SYN-200CR/400CR type, is upgraded one from the last simple record paper type net-recorder. SYN-200CR/400CR adopted 14”color TFT LCD screen giving clear view of net position, a school of fish and sea temperature that ensures the increase of fishing yields and the prevention of losing and damaging on trawl net.

Especially this color net-recorder is all the more efficiently helping out the fishing work at the area of rock bottom sea.


• Adopted 10.4 of color TFT LCD to ensure clear and wide screen.
• Excellence of ability to distinguish a school of fish and fishing net.
• Screen display and print-out simultaneously.
• Display both whole record and partial record for 200M and 400M.
• Display sea temperature in both graphic line and number on the screen that easily distinguish temperature difference.
• Stored the previous 20 record in the main unit’s memory.
• Process the synchronized signal from transmitter with high speed CPU which keeps on stable synchronization.
• Receiving frequency and synchronized processing method are of standard type which is compatible with the transmitter of the last product.

• Recording range : SYN-200CR : 0~10, 0~20, 0~50, 0~100, 0~200
SYN-400CR : 0~10, 0~20, 0~50, 0~100, 0~200, 0~400
• Sea temperature recording range : -3℃ ~ +24℃
• Receiving frequency method : 50KHz super sonic FM
• Record display method : Screen display, Print-out
• Screen display : 10.4 TFT Color LCD
• Screen speed : 1~9 steps
• Printing speed : 1~9 steps
• Printing paper : roll type
• Power supply : +10V ~+36V

• Max/Min frequency of transmitter : 180KHz(SYN-200CR) 75KHz(SYN-400CR)
• Signal discharge frequency : 50KHz supersonic wave FS modulation
• Effective distance : 2000m
• Power supply of station : 12V(alkaline battery A-1 × 8)
• Power consumption : 250mA ~ 300mA

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