Color LDC Marine Radar KODEN MDC-2000 SERIES

Smart selection for safe navigation.

Model LCD Display Power
Antenna Size / Type Rotation

MDC-2041 10.4″ Color TFT 4 32 2 ft / Radome 24/48

MDC-2040 10.4″ Color TFT 4 48 3 or 4 ft/ Open 24/48

MDC-2060 10.4″ Color TFT 6 64 4 or 6 ft/ Open 24/48

MDC-2010 10.4″ Color TFT 12 72 4 or 6 ft/ Open 24/48


True trail function *
The display shows exactly the movement of other vessels like drawing tails, while land and buoys are shown as stationary objects even while your vessel is moving. This makes it easy for you to distinguish moving from stationary objects.
Dual range display
Exclusive dual range radar feature lets you view split screen display of both long and short-range targets simultaneously. It’s like having two radars in one.
Real time smooth head-up indication
The picture moves smoothly in proportion to changing bearing.
ATA with up to 50 targets as option *
The convenient ATA (Automatic Tracking Aid) function comes as option. The latest movements of other vessels can be shown instantaneously in vector form and numeric form, ensuring safe navigation. If the automatic acquisition zone is set, the targets up to 50 entering the zone will be locked automatically.
AIS interface up to 100 targets as option *
When connected with an AIS receiver, the radar displays information on up to 100 targets including the name, heading, and speed of each vessel with an AIS transmitter mounted.
CCD Camera input
Accepts CCD camera input, with which you can watch above deck and below deck any time you are steering.
Crisp and viewable display
The LCD and acrylic sheet with Anti-Reflection coated filter are bonded directly. It increases visibility in direct sunlight and prevents condensation.
RGB output
RGB output available for a connecting external monitor. You can monitor the Radar even when you are away from steering.

*Requires baring data, ship’s speed data and latitude / longitude data input.

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