Black Box Sonar – KODEN ESR-S1BB

Paradigm shift in the domain of pleasure boat fishing


Transducer can be equipped transom or side of vessel.
Transducer can be manually put up and down.
This sonar can be equipped even with midget pleasure boat with no space for hoist operated transducer unit.
High-speed Searchlight Sonar
The high-speed Searchlight Sonar beam scans sectors horizontal and vertical to search up to a 360 degree area around your vessel.
This gives you optimum performance as the searching time is reduced and search omission is prevented to improve the operation efficiency.
Stabilizer function included in standard equipment
The performance of fish detection is improved by automatically correcting the direction of transducer affected by the boat fluctuation.
Upper class functions are included in standard equipment.
Easy to operate switches
Set by turning knob and operate by pushing buttons. The simplified operation is accomplished by categorizing the operation system.
Target-lock function
With this lock function, the azimuth and the elevation angle of the beam are controlled automatically to always display the targeted schools of fish on the screen.
Ring marker and cross cursor
The distance to schools of fish is accurately measured by the ring marker, and the distance and azimuth by the cross cursor.
Off the shelf monitor can be used at user’s choice.
Select location to install transducer to avoid bubbles by screw

Main Speciffications

Output power 800 W
Output frequency 220 kHz
Tilt angle +5°to -90°(variable with 1°step)
Presentation modes Sonar, Off center, Bottom scan, Echo sounder
Scanning range 10 to 300 m, 10 to 200 fathom/I.fathom, 50 to 1000 ft.
Input data formats and sentences NMEA0183(GGA, GLL, VTG, HTW)
Dimensions 110(H) x 360(W) x 297(D) mm
Weight 4.1 kg
Power supply 10.8 to 31.2 VDC
Power consumption 50 W at 24 VDC

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